Sorry For The Radio Silence….

…. Over the last 24 hours. My attention was distracted because my condo got robbed.

Let me start at the beginning.

I have a motion sensitive camera installed in my condo and it is aimed at the door. The camera will send e-mails with pictures to my BlackBerry if it detects motion and I can log into it remotely and see what’s going on. Yesterday I got a stream of e-mails on my Blackberry from the camera. I knew that wasn’t good and when I checked, my place was being robbed. A man and woman had kicked the door in and started trashing my place. I quickly was on the phone with the police and they dispatched what turned out to be five police cars to the place to try and capture the bad guys, but by the time the police had arrived, the thieves had escaped. As an aside, I have video of five or six police officers entering my unit with guns drawn. I made my way home via cab to asses the damage. They really trashed the place, but it was apparent what was stolen. All of my wife’s jewelry was stolen. Most if not all of the jewelry was from our wedding and had great sentimental value to her. Along with that went a set of our car keys (but not the car, which is in hiding at our dealership waiting to be re-keyed), one of my cheques, and My MacBook Pro. All of my personal and business stuff was on it. Two saving graces though. First, I back up nightly (see, backing up can really save your butt) and the computer was password protected. So I had my data and it is highly unlikely that the thieves are going to get access to my stuff. So they’ll likely either fence it as is or they’ll take it to an Apple Store. That’s where it will come back to bite them as it has been flagged in Apple’s system so if they walk into an Apple Store, they’re busted. I also took the precaution of notifying all of the independent Apple dealers in the area about the theft. So I’m hoping that it will turn up something. If you see a Santa Rosa (mid 2007) MacBook Pro 15″ with the serial number W87272V3X91. Call the cops. Please.

Currently the cops have the images from the security camera, and they’re working with the condo to pull video from the video system that monitors every entrance. Needless to say if they can get good descriptions of these scumbags, they’re going to get caught.

All day today I have been dealing with insurance adjusters, police, the bank, car dealer, property manager, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t recall because my mind is a mess. I don’t wish this on anybody.

In closing there’s some people who I’d like to thank:

  • The Toronto Police at 22 division including the responding officers and the Major Crime unit. I have no doubt you’ll get these scumbags.
  • “M.K.” who in our hour of need dropped everything she was doing to assist us in any way she could. Your kindness will not be forgotten.
  • Our insurance agents who are doing their best to make the claims process as easy as possible.
  • The property management who fixed the entrance in record time.

Oh yeah, if the people who did this are reading this. We’ve got your faces on camera. The cops are going to be looking for you and because it’s being handled by the Major Crimes division of the Toronto Police Force, you’re not going to get away. You should be expecting a knock on your door shortly.

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  1. The upside…. new Macbook Pro 🙂

  2. i am curious, what kind of camera do you use and what software to send the pics to your blackberry? we are looking for a similar solution for our home.

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