Canada To Get U.S. Style Surveillance Bills….. How Craptastic!

The Conserative Government here in Canada either feels really insecure, or they want to catch up with the Americans. Either way, they now feel that they need to pass laws that would allow them to force ISPs to implement a new array of snooping technologies, and require they hand over customer names, address, IP address, and email address information upon request without court oversight.

Hmmm….. Doesn’t that sound a bit like the Patriot Act that the Americans came up with after 9/11? You know, the one that has stirred up a large amount of controversy?

In Canada’s case, the bills are called C-46 and C-47. And according to a press release that the government put out, Canada is in desperate need of these laws:

While technology has advanced rapidly in the past two decades, law enforcement and national security agencies have faced increased difficulty in protecting the safety and security of Canadians. The Investigative Powers for the 21st Century (IP21C) Act will ensure that law enforcement officials have the tools they need to fight crime in today’s modern environment by updating certain existing offences as well as creating new investigative powers to effectively deal with crime in today’s computer and telecommunications environment.

Let’s see, the Conservative Government is in a minority situation. That means that it can be voted out by the opposition parties at any time. So that means if a large number of Canadians e-mail their Members of Parliament and tell them that these bills suck, then it is likely that these bills may get shelved as this government wants to stay in power.

That sounds like a plan. Have at your local Member of Parliament. Just use this website to find them by using your postal code. Let them know that these bills should never see the light of day.

Unless of course you want your privacy rights eroded.

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