More Impressions Of My 15″ MacBook Pro

I’ve had this new MacBook Pro for over a week now and I have a few more impressions of it beyond what I wrote about it last week, as well as one correction to make. First my impressions:

  • The so called “non-removable” battery is actually very easy to remove, despite what this document says. There are 10 screws on the bottom of the computer that give you very easy access to not only the battery, but to the RAM and hard disk as well.
  • My last 15″ MacBook Pro had 2 USB ports, not three. Only the 17″ MacBook Pro has three USB ports.
  • The battery life that I get from this computer is six “ish” hours consistently which is very very good.
  • The screen is kind of hard to keep clean. At least Apple provides you with a microfibre cloth to wipe the screen with.
  • As is the case with every Apple notebook I’ve ever owned, the keys are just a bit too close to the screen. If you have greasy fingers, that grease will end up on the screen. You just notice it more because of the glossy screen.

After living with this notebook for the last week, I can say that I really like it. The only things that I suggest that Apple do are:

  • Play with the placement of the USB ports. They’re really too close together IMHO.
  • Apple needs a matte screen option. “The Steve” may like glossy screens, but they’re not perfect for every situation.

Comments? Please leave one and share your wisdom.

2 Responses to “More Impressions Of My 15″ MacBook Pro”

  1. I bought the 13″ MBP a little over a week ago, and have been pleasantly pleased. I would add that I wish there were discrete input and output jacks (It’ been a problem for me once already), but other than that think that my experiences parallel your own.

  2. The single audio port on the 13″ doesn’t exactly thrill me either. I guess they decided not to do anything about having discrete ports when they revised this model and made it a “Pro” model.

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