Poll Says Canadians Support Bandwidth Management….. Or Does It? [UPDATED]

Someone once told me that there are lies , dammed lies, and statistics. Here’s an example of the latter. According to the Globe and Mail, 60% Canadians supports some from of reasonable bandwidth management as long as “users are treated fairly.” But the telling figure is this one:

Most — 54 per cent — said they did not know whether traffic management affects them personally. Just 15 per cent said they are affected by the practice.

So let’s recap: 60% agree with the question. But 54% didn’t fully understand the question.

Am I the only one who sees this survey as being flawed? What do you think? Please post a comment and share your views.

UPDATE: Here’s a PDF to the press release from Harris Decima. It contains a better breakdown as to what was asked and far more statistics for your reading pleasure. While this does provide some insight into how these numbers came into being, this survey still seems flawed to me.

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