Bing Produces Pro Microsoft And Anti Apple Results? Maybe. Maybe Not…

Is it business as usual with Microsoft when it comes to search engines and the competition? According to Shane O’Neill, you simply have to take the search query “Why is Windows So Expensive” and see that it might be. He got “Why are Macs so expensive?” at the top of the search results. He’s even got a screen shot to prove it. What does he think about this? Simple:

If Microsoft is going to resort to blocking and self-protection with their search engine, they could at least be subtle. This is about as subtle as a machine gun.

Now when I ran the same query, I didn’t get the “Why are Macs so expensive?” at the top of the list, but I got it further down. That could mean any number of things. Microsoft moved it down the list so that it doesn’t appear that they’re taking shots at Apple, or what the author got was a fluke are the top two on my list.

I’m leaning towards fluke at the moment. Why?

Take the queries Xbox so expensive, Microsoft Windows expensive, and Microsoft sucks. Those return the results that I would expect. So there doesn’t appear to be any bias so far. Plus if you search for “Who is more evil than Satan himself” in Bing, it brings up Microsoft as I would expect it to.


Bottom line, from where I stand there isn’t any proof that Microsoft has slanted search results in their favor. Having said that, is the one calling them on it if they are. Keep in mind that is a site aimed at upper management. So this isn’t some Apple fanboi whining about this.  That might be something that might hinder the acceptance of Bing in the corporate environment.

Microsoft may want to keep that in mind…. If they are screwing with search results (and even if they’re not).

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