Adobe To Drop Power PC Support In Creative Suite…. The End Is Nigh For Power PC Users

From the “I told you so” file, comes this news. John Nack who is Adobe’s Principal Project Manager for Adobe Photoshop, posted this news on his blog:

It’ll probably come as no surprise that Adobe is following Apple’s lead & going Intel-only with the next generation of the Creative Suite. That is, CS4 is the last version that’ll run on PowerPC-based Macs. You can read the details in the FAQ on

So for those of you keeping score at home let’s recap shall we:

Clearly the message is that if you have a Power PC based Mac, it’s time to replace it as it’s days are numbered. Now that one of the most influential authors of Mac software has announced that it’s not supporting the Power PC going forward, it’s a sure bet that nobody else will. You’re going to see more of this over the next few months.

So for those of you who are still on the Power PC platform and thus are not favored by the holy one Steve Jobs because you didn’t switch to an Intel based Mac four years ago as he commanded you to do, it’s off to the Apple Store with thee for an Intel based Mac, or at the very least come up with a transition plan to move to Intel as I suggested that you should back in June. Because if you don’t, you’ll eventually run into an issue that will require you to make a decision in a crisis which is no way to make a decision.

3 Responses to “Adobe To Drop Power PC Support In Creative Suite…. The End Is Nigh For Power PC Users”

  1. Just like the 68000 to PPC transition. It has all happened before and will all happen again 🙂

  2. It’s truly embarrassing how you repeatedly try to restoke the only fire your blog has ever really seen (ie PPC support).

    It’s also a sorta backfiring joke, since it puts you in the position of constantly pointing out the obvious. Not that ‘the obvious’ isn’t subject matter you appear to be most comfortable with.

    – We now return you to your usual strikethroughs, chair-throwing jokes, &c. –

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