Apple Says Psystar Destroying Evidence….Psystar Wants Apple Execs On The Stand… Fun Fun Fun

Apple rumor site AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is now accusing everybody’s favorite clonemaker Psystar of destroying evidence:

“Defendant, Psystar Corporation, has destroyed relevant evidence that was legally required to preserve,” the court document reads. “Specifically, Psystar has overwritten — i.e. erased — infringing versions of the software code used on computers sold to its customers.”

What evidence would this be? It’s the boot loader that Psystar is using to load OS X onto non Apple systems. If Apple get’s their hands on it, they may be able to prove a DMCA violation which would hang Psystar by the testicles. But the fun doesn’t end there. Psystar is going to depose a long list of Apple execs including Phil Schiller who is the Senior VP, Worldwide Product Marketing. Psystar appears to be having too much fun with this. In a blog posting, they said the following:

After numerous depositions of Psystar employees and associates the shoe is finally on the other foot, oh the joy!

Oh the stupidity for saying something like that publicly. Statements like that may come back to haunt them, which is something that I suggested previously.

In any case, it looks like things are moving towards a January 2010 court date. Which means that you’ll see a lot more action from this case in the short term.

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