Rogers 50Mbps Internet Service Hits Some Streets In Toronto

If you live in some areas of Toronto, today might be your lucky day. Rogers has announced that their new “Ultimate” Internet service has hit the streets:

Rogers Cable Communications Inc. today launched its new 50Mbps Internet service, Rogers Ultimate High-Speed Internet, once again redefining ‘fastest Internet service’ for Canadians. The Ultimate Internet service is now available in select areas of the Greater Toronto Area for $149.99 a month, with respective download and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps and up to 2Mbps and a monthly usage allowance of 175GB. This service will be rolled out further in the coming months and is the fastest residential speed available in the market, including the GTA.

You’ll excuse me if I don’t exactly jump for joy over this. Why? It actually is quite simple:

  1. It’s $150 a month. Sorry, that’s a bit rich for my taste.
  2. The upload speed is 2Mbps with Rogers. Comcast in the states gives you 10Mbps (look on the bottom right of the screen), and they’re using similar Cable Internet technology. Verizon FIOS is 20Mbps. In all cases, the download speed is 50Mbps. Once again Canadians are on the short end of the stick when it comes to Internet access.
  3. The service is capped is at 175GB a month. Fail.
  4. Rogers is heavily throttled. Fail.

So I really see no reason to get excited over this. The speeds may be faster, but there’s very little else going for this service. This is a must pass for me at this point. I suspect many others will feel the same way.

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