Bell TV Rep Confesses All?

Digital Home Canada has a story on their front page that is sure to upset customers of Bell TV. Someone claiming to be a Bell TV Rep has posted to the Digital Home Canada message board about what really goes on inside their call centers:

First of all, if you call in to downgrade your programming, most of the time you’ll notice people try and talk you out of it. Why? Because Bell gives us a bonus based on “Stopping the Downgrade”. There is information all over the office on how to stop people form removing programming, and we’re given a bonus based on it. If our downgrades are too high then our bonus that we receive is cut in half. Please don’t take it personally as we’re not paid very much to begin with, some of us need this bonus to live. But it doesn’t it make it right, especially when I have someone calling in because they lost their job and just want to save some money.


Tech Support? In all honesty, most agents don’t care about solving your issue for the long term. They only care about making you comfortable with them so they can sell you something. Ever notice how you’ll be having a huge technical problem but for some reason everything reverts back to sales at the end of the call? It’s part of Bell’s “quality grid”. Upsell the customer, avoid the downgrade, OVERCOME OBJECTIONS. That’s the one that really bothers me. I hate bothering people for the sale because at the end of the day, they’re just spending more money when they don’t necessarily want to. All I hear all day around the office is how much money he or she got from the customer, I never, ever hear about how happy a customer was or how quickly an issue was resolved. It’s all about money for Bell, remember this if anything.

I’ll let you read the rest for yourself. Now the question is, could this be true? Based on my experiences in call centers, I can offer the following observations:

  • Something that is drilled into every person who has ever worked in a call center is that they have to overcome objections when dealing with customers followed by increasing the amount of business the company in question gets from the customer.
  • Once upon a time, I was one of the managers in a call center that paid bonuses for keeping a customer who was going to cancel or reduce their services.

The rest of this post has other examples of things that I have seen in call centers as well. So in short, I am inclined to believe that this post is genuine. The question is, will Bell respond to this with spin, a denial, a commitment to enhance their customer service, or just ignore it and continue with business as usual?

Oh, I hope this Bell rep has started mass e-mailing their resume as I suspect that if Bell can identify them, they won’t be working for Bell (or whatever call center company) for much longer.

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