Another Mac Clonemaker Appears To Sell Mac Notebooks… Send In The iLawyers!

There’s a new clonemaker on the block and their name is MacWind. These guys have started selling MSI Wind U100 and U120 notebooks with OS X pre-installed. The price starts at $399 USD, which compared the starting price of a MacBook is dirt cheap. Oh, if you own one of the above notebooks, they’ll put OS X on it and ship it back to you too. Talk about being a full service shop.

Of course there’s a catch. According to this page on the company website, this is one of them:

Please note that OpenBook notebooks are sold without a formal warranty, although we are willing to help you with any software problems you may experience.

How charming. Clearly this is for the more adventurous Mac user. Plus there’s one more catch, the iLawyers are likely to sue this guy out of existence. The only question is when. So if you’re interested in one of these, get them while you can.

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