Psystar Must Pony Up $5K To Apple For “Obfuscating” The Facts

Frequent readers of this blog will remember that I said the following in this post when Psystar started bragging about being able to begin deposing Apple execs:

Oh the stupidity for saying something like that publicly. Statements like that may come back to haunt them

Guess what? It has come back to haunt them. World Of Apple is reporting that Psystar got slapped with a $5000 fine by the judge handling this whole mess. Why? From what I can tell, Psystar’s CEO Rudy Pedraza “obfuscated the facts” (which is a fancy way of saying that he lied) about getting rid of relevant evidence. That to the shock of nobody didn’t go over well with with the judge. Thus the monetary bitch slap. What I find really interesting is the fact that Psystar’s own lawyers didn’t even try to defend the conduct of Pedraza:

5 MR. CAMARA: Well, here’s what happened. They –
6 the people at Psystar — well, I won’t defend that, Your Honor,
7 I think those answers were false.

So Psystar. I note that on your blog you have no comment about this. Which is smart as going around talking about how you’re going in guns blazin as well as running your mouth about how you’re going to give them a taste of their own medicine has now really gotten you into trouble. The best you can do at this point is to try some flag waving to attempt to garner some public support. I have one word for that attempt.


As far as I can tell, Psystar has done nothing but make up bogus charges against Apple since this legal battle began. As a result, they have wasted the time of the court to a massive degree. Psystar should just go away, fold up shop, and never be heard from again. If that doesn’t happen, Apple should crush them into dust. For giggles once Apple is done with them, they should collect every one of those clone Macs and let the employees at 1 Infinite Loop pay to smash them with a sledgehammer with the proceeds going to charity. Perhaps they should invite a few fanbois to join the fun too?

Does that sound harsh? It is harsh, I admit that. But given that they have done other stupid things like claim how they bought OS X from Apple and Apple forgot to copyright OS X, the only logical conclusion to this soap opera is for Psystar to lose and lose badly.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the link, but I have to make one huge correction here. Psystar NEVER claimed that Apple forgot to copyright OS X. That is just absolutely false, a misunderstanding by someone who doesn’t have a legal background and repeated by many blogs. Here is the straight dope on what happened:

    Mythbuster: Did Psystar really claim that Apple did not Copyright OS X?

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