Snow Leopard Users Get Downgraded Flash Version Without Their Knowledge…. WTF?

Kudos to Don for passing this along. According to The Cult Of Mac, Snow Leopard users get a really advanced OS, but they get a downgrade in the version of Flash without any prior warning. Graham Cluley who found this issue had this to say:

“Adobe has been urging users to keep themselves up-to-date, and what’s most frustrating about the Snow Leopard upgrade is that I had been diligent, I’d been doing the right thing. But I was downgraded in the background. And most people, even if they had been diligent in the past, simply wouldn’t think to check for that sort of thing.”

This isn’t good because there are a number of Flash exploits floating around out there and news on them can be found by doing a Google on the subject. So Snow Leopard users should upgrade the Flash version on their Macs ASAP.

The bigger question, why does Apple feel the need to SILENTLY downgrade your version of Flash? Would anybody at Apple care to explain this?

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