Steve Ballmer Wants You To Host A Windows 7 Party…. WTF?

This has to rank as the worst idea EVER.

According to TechFlash, Microsoft wants you to host a Tupperware style Windows 7 party:

But unlike the Tupperware model, there will be no literal selling. These parties are more about generating word-of-mouth buzz. And based on early reviews, at least, it appears that this version of Microsoft’s flagship product will be somewhat more compelling than a plastic storage container.

I might be missing something here… This is an operating system that Ballmer is selling. Even Apple with the legions of fanbois that they have doesn’t do anything like this. Have things got so low for Microsoft that they have to resort to stuff like this?

At least the hosts get a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate for their trouble.

Let’s face facts. Windows 7 is an update to Vista (which works pretty well by the way as I have been running the release candidate for some time). At the end of the day I’m being asked to pay $200 to $300, depending on which version of Windows 7 I want, for what is essentially a copy of Windows Vista version 2.0. The version that you actually want. At least Apple was honest enough to admit that Snow Leopard was a refinement of OS X, and they didn’t hype it like the way these jokers have.

Here’s what I would do. I would hang around outside one of these parties and as the guests come out, hand them the business card of the local Apple Store as well as a copy of LINUX and say to every guest “you have choices.”

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