Windows 7 And Vista Have A Security Flaw That’s A Blast From The Past [UPDATED]

From the “everything old is new again” department comes the news that Windows 7 has a serious security flaw. In short, you send a teardrop attack to any Windows user and it would bluescreen their computer. If that sounds vaguely familiar, it should. In the 1990s a similar issue existed with Wnidows 3.1, 95, and NT.

Oh yeah, I should point out that this is an issue with Vista as well.

The only saving grace about this issue is that half the world is behind a firewall of some sort, and the other half has Windows firewall enabled. In the 1990s people just hooked their computers directly to the Internet leaving them wide open to this sort of thing. So assuming that when a patch appears (as there is currently no fix) and people apply it quickly, it won’t affect many people as it potentially could.

Still, given their focus on security, there’s really no excuse for Microsoft not picking this one up before release.

UPDATE: Microsoft has put out a security advisory that denies that this affects Windows 7. Hmmmm…. One wonders what the truth actually is…

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