Meet The Palm Pixi…. It’s Smaller And Cheaper

As a follow own to the Pre, Palm has announced the Pixi which is their second device to use the WebOS. A press release covers the key marketing message:

“With Palm webOS, we’re creating a new, more intuitive smartphone experience defined by unmatched simplicity and usefulness,” said Jon Rubinstein, Palm chairman and chief executive officer. “Palm Pixi brings this unique experience to a broader range of people who want enhanced messaging and social networking in a design that lets them express their personal style.

Okay. Enough marketing speak, here’s the details:

  • It’s smaller than the Pre
  • It has dual-band CDMA and EV-DO Rev A
  • There’s no Wi-Fi
  • It has a 3.5mm headset jack
  • It has a 2 megapixel camera with flash
  • The usual email/IM support is present
  • There’s GPS
  • It’s got 8GB of internal memory
  • It has a rather small 2.63-inch, 320 x 400 capacitive display

All decent specs I suppose. The lack of Wi-Fi kind of sucks. But I can live with that.There’s another feature that the press release mentions:

For those who want to express themselves with some extra style, Palm is introducing the Palm Pixi Artist Series. Designed by some of today’s most unique and compelling artists, these numbered, limited-edition back covers let you change designs to suit your mood. You can see the first collection in the series, as well as information about the artists, at Palm will be showcasing the fashionable new Palm Pixi with the Artist Series covers this week at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York (Sept. 10-17).

Charming. I’m sure that all the kiddies will love that.

It’s coming to Sprint for better or worse later this year. No word on a GSM version as of yet. But given what happened with the Pre on that front, I fully expect that to be a bit of a circus. Oh, there’s that phone home “feature that does little to make me want to buy the Pre. I have to assume that it’s on this phone as well. I’m sure that once it’s released, someone will be kind enough to tell us if that’s the case or not.

On the flipside, the release of this phone proves that Palm wants to make up for lost time in the smartphone market. We’ll see how well it works for them.

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