Psystar Ships Clone Macs With Snow Leopard… What Could Go Wrong?

Seeing as Psystar has the iLawyers camped on their doorstep at the moment, deciding to come out with clone Macs preinstalled with Snow Leopard doesn’t seem like the smartest move. But that’s what they’ve done. Oh, in another demonstration of how they really haven’t thought this through, they brag about it:

We have developed new virtualization technologies to allow our Open Computers to interface with the all new Mac OS X like never before, ensuring a seamless computing experience. We support Snow Leopard on all new Psystar machines and we’re already taking orders for computers with the latest OS from Apple which will begin to ship next week.

You can bet the iLawyers are taking that into account when they write up the documents required to drop another lawsuit on their heads. Oh, if you have one of Psystar’s clone Macs, you might want to hold off upgrading:

Again, we ask you not attempt to install the new OS X as it may cause harm to your computer, resulting in a possible re-installation of Leopard OS 10.5 and a loss of data. As with all previous software updates to the OS, Psystar meticulously tests and retests all software updates to confirm their compatibility with older Psystar machines. We will be releasing information on upgrading your Psystar computer to OS X Snow Leopard soon. The ability to do so may depend on when your system was purchased, and upgrade costs may vary.

That doesn’t exactly give me the warm fuzzies. But it does imply that they might be doing something to keep Apple at bay and thus keep themselves in business. Namely, changing how they get OS X to work on their clone Macs. Clearly they have the process working for brand new machines. But upgrades seem like a problem.

In any case, I fully expect Apple to be coming into court “guns blazing” very shortly.

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