Founders Of Skype Sue Skype… How Weird Is That?

The founders of Skype via their company Joltid  have filed a lawsuit against Skype alleging copyright infringement on a massive scale:

Joltid, a peer-to-peer software company established by Skype’s founders, filed a copyright suit against Skype Wednesday alleging Joltid’s technology is being infringed on by Skype users “in the United States at least 100,000 times each day.”

Just the latest in an ongoing license dispute between the popular VoIP service and its developers, the lawsuit, filed in Northern California U.S. District Court, seeks an injunction and damages, which Joltid “reasonably believes are amassing at a rate of $75 million daily,” according to the suit.

Lovely. Besides Skype, the group who wants to buy Skype from eBay is also names along with eBay themselves. While I’m not going to comment on the case itself, it really seems bizarre to me that the guys who founded Skype are suing them. Perhaps they’ve got a good case, or they want to extract a few bucks from Skype’s current and future owners? Who knows. One thing is clear though, if Joltid wins this case and Skype has to stop infringing on their patents, they better have a “plan b” or Skype is toast.

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