Apple Pushes iPhone Configuration Utiltity To Windows Users… WTF? [UPDATED]

I really hate it when Apple does this sort of thing.

If pushing Safari onto Windows users and then stealth installing the Mobile Me control panel applet isn’t enough, Apple has now decided that it’s cool to push the iPhone Configuration Utility For Windows to Windows users who have an Apple software product installed (like iTunes). The fact that the users in question may or may not have an iPhone clearly didn’t factor into this decision to do this. Nor did the fact that this is really a tool for business system administrators to set up and administer corporate iPhones, rather than being an end user tool. So you have to wonder why it’s being offered up to end users at all? What logical reason exists for this to be shoveled onto PCs?  I didn’t ask for it, I don’t need it, so why do this Apple?

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Uninstall Apple Software Update so that it stops stuffing your PC full of this. You’ll have to manually download all your updates for iTunes, Safari or any other Apple software that you choose to install on your PC. But that’s a small price to pay until Apple starts to get a clue and stop force feeding unneeded software to its users.

UPDATE: The update in question has been pulled according to Computerworld. Still this leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth.

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