Blackberry Desktop For Mac: About Fricking Time!

The days of Blackberry users with Macs feeling like second class citizens are over. Research In Motion today released Blackberry Desktop For Mac and I have to say that for a version 1.0 product, it’s pretty good.What I like about it is that they tried to make it as “Mac like” as possible. It even has an eject key for disconnecting your Blackberry. It’s also simple to use. It supports multiple Blackberries without a fuss too. Oh, Palm might want to take note of this. You can sync music that hasn’t got some sort of DRM from iTunes to the Blackberry, and you can do it without having the Blackberry mimic an iPod (unlike the Palm Pre). That will keep RIM out of Apple’s bad books for sure. You can also back up and restore your Blackberry, as well as update the OS and install apps. All of this means that you finally can be free of Windows if you have a Blackberry. So this means that this product is perfect, right? Wrong. One thing that I don’t like about it is that you have to disable wireless syncing for this product to work with Blackberry Enterprise Server enabled Blackberries which is a bit of a pain. But not enough of one for me to stop using this product.

Blackberry Desktop For Mac is a free download from Research In Motion and it’s a must have if you’re a Mac user with a Blackberry. If RIM is smart, they’ll make the Windows version of this product behave like the Mac version.

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