T-Mobile Sidekick Users Down… And Pissed

Oh the horror!

Every T-Mobile Sidekick user in the USA has been without data access on their smart phones this past weekend, and they are angry as hell. Why? Sidekick users are unable to use any services that pass through Danger’s servers. That would be email, IM and, perhaps worst of all, contacts. About the only thing you can do with a Sidekick at the moment is make a phone call or send a text message. A check of Twitter shows that this is a hot topic that is being tweeted. Not only that, celeb blogger Perez Hilton who uses one of these devices is mad. Just check his Twitter feed for all of the details:

@TMobile_USA STILL without access to my address book/contacts. I don’t care if it is Danger fault. It’s YOUR problem! And you have failed!


T-Mobile stock will likely go down on Monday. Yes, Sidekick service is still down. Major fail!

Ouch! T-Mobile has some explaining to do methinks. For their sake, I hope they have things up and running today. Otherwise this could snowball in a hurry.

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