Psystar Begs For More Trouble By Announcing Licensing Program To Enable Snow Leopard Installs

These guys are just asking to get the butts handed to them.

This posting (Google Translation) announces that the favorite target of the iLawyers Psystar has come up with  a new licensing program that will enable third-party PC manufacturers to preload their systems with Psystar’s boot loader to allow for simple installation of Mac OS X Snow Leopard directly from a retail disc.

What could possibly go wrong with licensing the process of installing an OS that they don’t have rights to? Hmmmm.

My question are as follows:

  • What company would sign up for this knowing that the iLawyers would be on their doorstep shortly thereafter?
  • Also, what does Psystar hope to gain by doing this? Recruit others to the fight against Apple perhaps?

This seems like someone who’s poking a stick through a cage at a lion. Sooner or later the lion will bite. Expect the iLawyers to file some paper shortly to stop this nonsense.

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