Psystar Issues Press Release Regarding Licensing Program… And They Use The Word “Automagicly” In It

Psystar in their infinite wisdom actually came out with a press release with details on that licensing program that I told you about earlier this week. Here’s the key points that you need to know from the press release:

Psystar’s vision of open computing is to provide users with the freedom to choose which OS’s they install on their hardware. The Licensing Program will allow computer manufacturers the opportunity to ship the certified systems pre-configured with DUBL and OS of choice including Windows 7, Windows Vista and several flavors of Linux. These systems would also be compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and receive normal software updates through the use of “Safe Update” technology. The customer can install the Mac OS themselves simply by inserting the retail DVD or choose to install several other OS’s with no manual boot configuration. DUBL supports up to six different operating systems on a single machine and configures itself *automagicly*.

Automagicly? WTF? Whomever wrote this press release needs to get the snot beaten out of them for using that word in a press release that is meant to give readers a positive image of the company besides giving readers relevant information from said company. Using the word “automagicly” makes it sound like it was done by some 14 year old. Not great marketing if you ask me.

Oh, and DUBL means Darwin Universal Boot Loader which is their technology that gets OS X onto non-Apple machines.

In any case, I pray to god that “The Steve” and the iLawyers puts this company out of their (and our) misery in January. Their antics are getting old really fast.

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