T-Mobile Tries To Play Nice With Screwed Over Sidekick Users

At least T-Mobile seems to be getting a clue.

After Sidekick users lost their data due to the fact that there was apparently no working backup, T-Mobile seems to be trying to placate customers by giving them three options according to Gizmodo:

An exasperated tipster who just spent some quality time on the phone with an equally exasperated T-Mobile rep told us what he was offered:

• I’m released from the contract if I want (Yeesh, of course I better be. I can’t believe I had to ask).
• I can get a G1 for $129 (not sure if that’s the normal contract renewal pricing or not; doesn’t sound like a great deal to me).
• They also suggested Blackberries etc, but I didn’t get the pricing (since those are design disasters compared to SK or iPhone).

That’s something I suppose. At least it’s better than the one free month that they offered. I don’t think that this will stop mass defections to other cell phone carriers though. Nor will it stop the lawsuits that are sure to come.

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