Ballmer Comments On Sidekick Outage…. This Should Be Fun

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made his first public comment about the Sidekick circus yesterday in Network World. Here’s what he said:

“It is something we are going to have to address and explain to customers our method and process and quality approach and what went wrong in that case and how we are making sure that it does not happen again,”

But it gets better than that. Here’s what else he said:

“It is not clear there was data loss,” he said. “Initially we thought there was. We are working hard to get all the users’s data back in the Sidekick case. I think we believe we will get all user data back at this juncture.”

Oh really? If there was no data loss, why tell users that there was data loss after you and T-Mobile stalled on saying anything for a week? Why put users through that sort of stress if there wasn’t data loss of some sort? As for regaining customer trust, try this response from the chair throwing one:

“People will want to know, is our approach different for SharePoint Online, is our approach different for the enterprise infrastructure. I think we have good answers, but I know we are going to continue to upgrade our processes and have to upgrade how we talk about this stuff, because we are going to get more questions.”

He better hope that his approach is different for the other Microsoft cloud products, because I’m guessing that people think that they’re suspect at the moment because of this fiasco.

Steve my boy, you need better answer than these as they’ve done little to make people feel warm and fuzzy all over.

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