Rogers TV Call Display Rolls Out [UPDATED]

I got this e-mail in my inbox an hour ago:


It’s me again: “Your best friend from Rogers” 🙂

Back in August, you wrote about Rogers TV Call Display. I just wanted to update you and let you know that the service has officially launched and is free for Rogers Home Phone subscribers with Call Display and Digital TV.

Here are some more details on the service:

  • The caller name and telephone number is displayed on the television screen no later than the second ring.
  • Customers can direct calls to voicemail using the Rogers remote control for customers who subscribe to Rogers Voicemail.
  • There is a snooze option which disables the on screen pop-up for a user defined period of time.
  • There is a voicemail message waiting indicator option to choose to be notified on the TV screen when there’s a new voicemail for Rogers Voicemail subscribers.
  • Customers can easily manage personal settings on Channel 975 including view call history, turn voicemail notification on or off (default is off), adjust time period that pop-up remains on screen, adjust time period for snooze feature, turn TV Call Display off.

The service will be rolled out to all eligible customers over the coming months. All eligible customers will see their TV Call Display come into effect once the service is launched in their residential area. No action or installation is necessary to begin enjoying TV Call Display.

More details are available in today’s press release or by going to

It’s nice to know that someone in Rogers has a sense of humor given how much I bash that company. In any case, since I don’t have Rogers Home Phone I won’t be seeing this feature, so perhaps some Rogers Home Phone subscribers might be kind enough to leave a comment about what they think of this feature when it appears for them.

UPDATE: Rogers sent me a picture of what users can expect to see on their TV set when someone calls.

TV Call Display

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  1. I have this feature, and find it quite convenient

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