Microsoft Opens Retail Store… A Sign Of Apple Envy

Lost in the hype surrounding the Windows 7 launch was the fact that Microsoft opened the first of its new retail stores yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona. Wait a second. Why the hell would Microsoft open a retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona? Is that a hot bed of Windows users or something? Would it not make sense to open the first retail store in Washington State where Microsoft is located?

In any case, from what I can tell they’ve tried to copy the Apple Store experience. For example, they have gift bags:

Michelle Armstrong, a 20-year-old in pajama pants who slept outside the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall to be among the first in the store, said she was a bit disappointed in the gift bags, which included a $25 gift certificate, chapstick, mints, a bottle of water and tickets to an Ashley Tisdale concert at the store later in the day.

Apple until recently has been known to give away iPods at their store openings, so I guess it is lame what Microsoft did. I mean, they could have tossed in a Zune into the first 10 bags or something. Microsoft also stole the look and feel of the store. Take a look at this video and those who have been inside an Apple store will see what I mean:

All of this isn’t a shock as they reportedly stole former Apple real estate chief George Blankenship as a consultant. Not only that, the word on the street is that Microsoft has also tried to steal Apple Store employees as well. I guess if you can’t do it on your own, poaching from your enemy is the next best thing.

Even with all of that, Microsoft is in for a fight. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Kaelin Jacobson, a 20-year-old Web programmer, said he came to the store’s opening to give Microsoft “one last shot,” adding that he’s had a lot of problems with Vista, the last edition of Windows.

Jacobson, who was carrying an Apple laptop, said he has to use Windows for his job and that Microsoft has an uphill battle to match its biggest competitor’s sleek and popular stores. “I want a no-hassle retail experience like Apple,” he said.

If Microsoft can overcome all the negativity surrounding it, then they have a shot. Otherwise, they may go the way of the Dell Store.

3 Responses to “Microsoft Opens Retail Store… A Sign Of Apple Envy”

  1. Who really cares? The only people that really seem to care are the mac fangirls who consistantly are on the hunt to find something to bash Microsoft over, trying to passify themselves even though Apple hasn’t come out with any innovative ideas over the past 2 years. Soon little apple fangirls… soon. Until then, just shut up already over what Microsoft is doing. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  2. Lastly, Microsoft didn’t “steal” anyone. People are people. They aren’t Apple’s property. Obviously these people that are leaving Apple (yes, more than just one), seem to be leaving for a reason. Maybe Apple isn’t paying them enough? Maybe Apple has already lost their way? Maybe the grass wasn’t greener on Apple’s side as people think?

  3. Actually they did give Zunes away to the first few campers on the sight.

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