Telus To Drop Hated System Access Fee…. Sort Of….

After setting a date for their “3G+” rollout as well as for the iPhone, Telus has announced “clear and simple pricing.” Basically, whatever the price that’s listed is what you will pay. That includes dropping the much hated system access fee along with the 38 to 53 cent 911 fee. Now of course there’s no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to Canadian telcos, and this is true in this case as Telus is raising the prices of their plans by $5 a month to keep screwing you over make up for “dropping” the system access fee. But you get voicemail on some Telus plans, so at the end of the day your bill might be $2 or $3 cheaper.

This is of course a direct response to Rogers dropping the system access fee not too long ago. Comparing the two, it seems to me that Telus comes out ahead because with Rogers, some customers ended up paying more while others paid less. Oh yeah, voice mail isn’t included in any of their plans either.

I really wish these telcos would get a clue. How about just dropping the system access fee altogether? No bundling it in or any nonsense like that. Just get rid of it and be done with it. I guess that these telcos are too greedy to do the right thing.

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