CRTC Denies Throttling Appeal

With the decision about Globealive/Wind Mobile yesterday, I forgot to mention the other craptastic CRTC decision that was released yesterday. The CRTC threw out a “review and vary” request from the Canadian Association of Internet Providers to stop Bell Canada’s throttling activites:

In this decision, the Commission determines that the applications by CAIP et al. and Vaxination do not raise substantial doubt about the correctness of the determination in Telecom Decision 2008-108 that the throttling process Bell Canada relies upon does not engage section 36 of the Telecommunications Act. The Commission also determines that the applications do not raise substantial doubt about the correctness of Telecom Decision 2008-108 with respect to the completeness of the record used to make that decision or to the fettering of the Commission’s discretion. The Commission closes the remainder of the applications in light of Telecom Regulatory Policy 2009-657.

That sucks.

The only part of this that can be considered to be positive is that the CRTC said that the throttling must be in compliance with the new framework that CRTC set out in their decision last week. Because of that, you can expect that something will get filed either by Canadian Association of Internet Providers or by somebody else that will argue that the throttling activities by Bell do not meet that framework.

You know, looking at this and the Globalive/Wind Mobile decision, it really highlights the fact that the CRTC is completely out of touch with reality and needs to be replaced or eliminated. And the sooner, the better. I say we start with petitions like this one.

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