Globealive/Wind Mobile Responds To CRTC Decision

Yesterday the CRTC decided that Canadian ownership was more important than real competition in the Canadian wireless marketplace. As a result, it appears that Globealive/Wind Mobile’s launch won’t happen for the time being. Globealive/Wind Mobile responded to this yesterday by putting out a press release that said the following:

“Having already received approval from Industry Canada, we are extremely disappointed that the CRTC has come to a different conclusion,” said Anthony Lacavera, Chairman, Globalive Wireless Management Corp. “This is a bad day for Canadian consumers. Canadians deserve competition in wireless and this decision represents a major step backwards.”


“WIND Mobile had planned to launch in the coming weeks. We have pulled together an excellent team of more than 500 people and had built a strong network and operation across the country. We are ready to bring competition to the market.” said Ken Campbell, CEO of WIND Mobile. “We will be evaluating our options on how to proceed.”

So it sounds like they’re not going away. My guess is that they’re going to appeal directly to the Canadian Government as that would be the fastest way for them to get this resolved. The Toronto Star for one points out that they may have a shot if they do that because of the fact that the Conservative party runs the country at the moment:

Conservatives, historically, have been frigid to the CRTC, which they see as a blight on the free market.

Stay tuned. This fight is not over yet.

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  1. “a blight on the free market”….well, has anyone vetted these people at the CRTC. If I recall most of them worked for Bell-a conflict of interest ???

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