NY State Sues Intel For Anti-Trust…. Wow!

Here’s some big news. Andrew M. Cuomo who is the attorney general of New York filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against Intel, saying it unfairly prevented AMD from competing under state and federal law. If that sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because the EU did the same thing earlier this year and nailed Intel to the tune of $1.44 billion in the process.

I’m guessing that Intel’s lawyers are really busy at the moment as this is likely to get worse before it gets better for them. Why? Here’s one good reason why:

The New York move increases the chances that the F.T.C. will take action against Intel, according to a person who was familiar with the state’s investigation but was not authorized to discuss it. Mr. Cuomo’s staff, this person said, regularly communicates and cooperates with the commission’s staff.

“These are separate investigations, but it would be very surprising for New York State to go off on its own without being fairly confident the F.T.C. would pursue Intel as well,” the person said.

At a news conference announcing the lawsuit, Mr. Cuomo said, “We have been cooperating with the F.T.C. We have a good, productive dialogue on this matter.”

It sucks to be Intel right now.

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