Bell’s HSPA Network Goes Live

Using the catch phrase “The New Bell Network Is On” Bell came out with a press release [Warning: PDF] declaring that their HSPA network is live:

Offering mobile speeds as high as 21 Megabits per second (21 Mbps), the new network covers 1.2 million square kilometres, reaching approximately 20,000 Canadian towns and cities and 93% of the population. The new network also supports international roaming in more than 200 countries around the globe and across the United States too, thanks to a roaming agreement with AT&T, the largest HSPA operator in the US.

Oh, but the fun doesn’t end there. In a separate press release [Warning: PDF] Bell released their data plan pricing for the iPhone.


The pricing is underwhelming, but I think I’ll reserve judgment until after Telus shows their hand tomorrow when they launch their HSPA network. Having said that, I suspect that Rogers iPhone customers may be looking at their cell phone bills closely to see if they’re getting the best deal possible, and coming to the conclusion that there’s nothing from Bell to make them jump ship. Perhaps Telus will come up with an unlimited data plan something that will shock the world tomorrow? I’m not holding my breath though.

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