Rogers Thinking Of Grabbing Globealive’s Spectrum…. That Sucks!

I guess that Rogers must sense an opportunity to expand their empire as their CEO Nadir Mohamed made it known that they would be interested  in the wireless spectrum that they are unable to use because of their “issues:”

“Spectrum is a very valuable asset,” Mr. Mohamed said Friday after a speech to the Toronto Board of Trade. “It’s the real-estate of our business, so Rogers would be for sure interested in picking it up. I’m sure others would be.”

It makes sense for them to go for that spectrum seeing as Globalive can’t use it. It’s likely the best way to stay ahead of Telus and Bell now that they’re on the GSM standard. Oh, by the way, if you’re going to say that Rogers buying Globealive’s spectrum means less competition for wireless users Canada who are being screwed royally by Canadian wireless providers, Mohamed would disagree:

In his speech, Mr. Mohamed said not having Globalive in the market would not mean less competition, noting that two other startups, DAVE Wireless Inc. and Public Mobile were preparing to launch by early next year while established cable giants Shaw Communications and Quebecor’s Videotron were readying their own plans.

You’ll excuse me if I don’t buy that. DAVE Wireless for one has a roaming agreement with Rogers. I seriously doubt they want to piss off the people that provides them with some network access by undercutting Rogers. Besides, the recent launch of the Telus and Bell on the GSM standard proves that the incumbent wireless providers don’t have any interest in providing their services at a competitive price like carriers in the rest of the developed world do. So I have little hope that these new companies will since none have revealed what they plan to do. Of course they could prove me wrong, but I doubt they would.

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  1. Bell and Telus are not on the GSM standard. They are on UMTS/HSPA and do not have a GSM network.

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