Windows 7 Has It’s First Zero Day Hole…. Oh Noes!

Here’s one that Windows 7 users need to pay attention to. In what could be the first of many holes in Windows 7, Microsoft has confirmed that a zero day hole in Windows 7 exists that oddly enough doesn’t affect earlier versions of Windows. In a security advisory, Microsoft acknowledged that a bug in their Server Message Block file and print sharing protocol could be used by attackers to cripple Windows 7 computers. Oh, it also affects Windows Server 2008 R2 computers as well. No fix is out yet, but the boys in Redmond are “actively” working on it. In the meantime, Microsoft suggested that if you are really worried about this, you should block TCP ports 139 and 445 at the firewall. Which sounds like a great idea except that it would disable web browsers as well as a host of critical services including network file-sharing and IT group policies to name a few. So their suggestion sounds pretty lame to me. It may be better for all concerned for Microsoft to fix this ASAP.

So how about a patch sooner rather than later for those users Mr. Ballmer?

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