Psystar Loses To Apple In Court… It’s About Time!

The day that Apple’s iLawyers have been waiting for has arrived. Yesterday Apple was granted a summary judgment against Psystar. Groklaw has all the details but I’ll hit the highlights for you. The two key areas that made the judge grant this summary judgment were:

  • Psystar was found to have infringed on copyrights owned by Apple in order to place Mac OS X on unauthorized computers.
  • Psystar was found to be in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by circumventing Apple’s copy protection that keeps their OS from being installed on non-Apple computers.

Now, the trial isn’t over. On December 14th the parties will be back in court to argue a bunch of other issues. Plus there’s still a similar trial in Florida to sort out. But this is a major bitch slap to Psystar. One wonders how they can stay in business after this.

Good riddance to these losers. It’s about time that they got deep sixed.

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