New iPhone Marware Targets The Bank Accounts Of Dutch iPhone Users

If you live in Holland and you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, you may want to take note of this. A pretty bad piece of marware is targeting you. First, here’s what the BBC has to say about it:

It is specifically targeting people in the Netherlands who are using their iPhones for internet banking with Dutch online bank ING.

It redirects the bank’s customers to a lookalike site with a log-in screen.

In other words, it’s a phishing scam. Lovely. But it’s actually worse than that according to Intego:

When active on an iPhone, the iBotnet worm changes the root password for the device, in order to prevent users from later changing that password themselves. It then connects to a server in Lithuania, from which it downloads new files and data, and to which it sends data recovered from the infected iPhone. The worm sends both network information about the iPhone and SMSs to the remote server. It is capable of downloading data, including executables that it uses to run and carry out its actions, as well as new files, providing botnet capabilities to infected devices.

So given all of that, does it still sound like a good idea to jailbreak your iPhone? The bottom line is that these pieces of marware only affects those users. So if you want to remain secure, don’t jailbreak that iPhone.

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