AT&T Launches New Ads To Fight Verizon…. Epic Fail

The good news: AT&T hasn’t launched a new lawsuit against Verizon.

The bad news: AT&T have a bunch of new ads that have hit the airwaves. The first two center around the iPhone and the iPhone’s ability to do things like check e-mail and use apps while you’re on a call:

Okay. I guess that might be cool, but they don’t really answer the core argument from the Verizon ads. From where I sit, if Verizon comes out and says “your network coverage sucks!” and the best AT&T can come up with is “Yeah, well your phones can’t go online to do stuff while you’re using the phone to make calls on your network” then it’s clear that Verizon has hit the mark with their ads and AT&T is in no position to fight back directly against Verizon’s arguments.

Oh, Luke Wilson is back with a couple of new AT&T ads as well:

Great. AT&T can reach 300 million Americans which is according to them 97% of the population. But is that with 3G coverage which is the whole point of the Verizon ads? I think not. But why let little details like that get in the way of trying to bash their competition?

The bottom line is that these ads from AT&T are craptastic. No shock there considering that AT&T makes no attempt to answer Verizon’s claims. I really thought that AT&T was wasting their money suing Verizon. Now I think they’re also wasting their money with uber lame ads like these. Perhaps AT&T should just wave the white flag and just give their customers better 3G coverage in as many places as possible. Oh while they’re at it, they should make iPhone users happy by not having service that’s so crappy it has become notorious for dropping calls like Luke Wilson drops postcards.

Face it AT&T, Verizon has beaten you. Deal with it and fix your network.

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