Apple Asks Court To Finish Off Psystar

Now that Apple has clearly got Psystar by the short and curlies, they want to finish the job. According to Groklaw, Apple is asking a court to permanently prevent Psystar from infringing Apple copyrights in Mac OS X, circumventing copy protection measures in their software as well as possessing or selling devices that circumvent copy protection.

If granted, that would effectively kill them.

But wait! You haven’t heard the interesting part yet. According to the same Groklaw article, Psystar was using their ongoing litigation with Apple as a tool to try and get venture capital money. Here are some of the key points that they were giving potential investors:

The on-going litigation will insulate Psystar from competing with other PC manufacturers in the OS X arena

  • The anti-competitive nature of Apple’s EULA make it an illegal contract.
  • Once the litigation is over that contract will become invalid, opening Mac OS to other OEMs
  • This presents us with a unique window of opportunity to gain market share and achieve brand recognition before competitors can even enter the market.

I guess that didn’t work out so well now did it?

Oh by the way, Apple also wants this extended to Snow Leopard as the current summary decision against Psystar only covers Leopard.

Strangely, Psystar has had little to say about this. I guess they’re too busy watching their house of cards crumble to act like idiots.

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  1. If Psystar HAD won, all those points would be valid and they would be a good investment.

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