Psystar To Pony Up Cash To Apple To Reduce Their Legal Problems

It seems that Psystar has started to fold up their tent and has decided to stop their attempts to clone Apple computers. A court filing (Warning: PDF) reveals that Psystar is slated to pay approximately $1.34 million to Apple and a like amount in attorneys’ fees once all of Psystar’s appeals have been exhausted. Apple in return will drop an additional half-dozen claims primarily related to trademark infringement that weren’t covered in the summary judgment that came out in Apple’s favor. But before Apple fanbois jump in the streets, they might want to consider two things:

  1. The fight now moves on to Florida which covers many of the same issues, but also covers the Snow Leopard OS. So we’ll still see them in court sooner rather than never.
  2. Psystar has also filed a motion [Warning: PDF] to exclude their Rebel EFI tool from this settlement. I guess it’s a way for them to shift the legal responsibility for installing OS X from them to their customers which would allow them to stay alive. The problem with that logic is that Psystar’s now admitted that it’s liable for contributory and induced copyright infringement and violating the DMCA by settling with Apple. So I’m thinking that they’re about to get owned in court again.

Expect the fireworks to consider for some time to come.

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