AT&T Drops “There’s A Map For That” Lawsuit…. Perhaps The Best Decision They’ve Made

AT&T has decided to drop their rather ill advised lawsuit against Verizon over their ads that parody the “There’s an app for that” theme. Some other lawsuits between the two have also been dropped. Now one has to wonder what made them do this? Could it be that AT&T decided not to go back to court after failing to get the ads pulled? Could it be that the Luke Wilson ads didn’t resonate with consumers? Or could it be that a recent Consumers Reports survey put Verizon on top and AT&T dead last? Seeing as one of the lawsuits that was dropped had something to do with claims of 3G reliability, that is a distinct possibility.

Who knows the true reasons behind this are. But maybe now AT&T can focus on improving their network that has many iPhone users irate instead of suing their competition.

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