Rogers Introducing “Quick Start Menu” For Digital Cable Customers

My “best friends at Rogers” sent me an e-mail yesterday to let me know a new feature is coming to Rogers Digital Cable Customers early next year:

In mid-January, Rogers will be launching the new Quick Start Menu for Rogers Digital Cable customers in Ontario. Rogers’ latest evolution of the product will bring a new level of convenience and value to Rogers Cable customers.

The Quick Start Menu will allow customers to:

· View 6 channels at once on your TV screen with three different TV Mixes, including a Kids TV Mix for all Digital TV customers, and the Sports and News TV Mixes available to customers who subscribe to the Digital VIP package.

· Play up to 4 different pre-loaded games for free using your Rogers remote as a controller while you watch TV.

· Check local weather without interrupting the TV viewing experience

· Quickly resolve most technical issues you might experience with your TV service.

· Quickly access to On Demand channels to find movies, TV shows, kids’ shows, specialty programming and more

Note that The Quick Start Menu does not replace the current IPG used to navigate channels, which will still appear by hitting GUIDE a second time.

More details will be available closer to launch date but in the meantime, you can check out the attached screen shots and additional info here:

Here’s a couple of screen shots of the new Quick Start Menu:

I have to admit that this sounds intriguing and I’ll be interested in seeing what it looks like on my TV (as I have Rogers for cable) when they roll it out.

While I’m on the subject of Rogers, they’re due in court today to try and serve up a can of hurt on rivals Bell Canada over their claims having the “best” and the “most powerful network.” You might recall that Rogers gave me the 411 on that a few days ago. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top of that considering that they lost to Telus not to long ago over the same issue (although that matter is under appeal).

29 Responses to “Rogers Introducing “Quick Start Menu” For Digital Cable Customers”

  1. frank yang Says:

    now we see it since yesterday. this is totally a piece of garbage.

  2. This pisses me off! im going to cancel my account today!

  3. Truly horrible feature! How do I disable this crap?

  4. its a giant piece of shit

  5. 2 extra clicks to get to the whats on guide… real smart

  6. Rogers better make a menu option to disable this, or they will not get into my wallet any more. Cramming in features I don’t want and charging me more for the privilege. I don’t care what your focus groups say, or how much your middle managers need to justify their existence. Concentrate on running a solid network, and use my money to pay the content providers. This garbage must stop.

  7. Breaking news… Rogers plans on installing vestibules in all their stores that lock down and forces the customer to watch a commercial before entering. Also, all ring tones will now be a rotating selection of audio clips from Rogers commercials. Lastly, advanced technology means a small fingerprint scanner will be included on the cover of Macleans allowing only the purchaser to read the magazine. Ted’s ghost commented “Good show boys… get right up in there.”

  8. I agree most emphatically with all of the negative feedback on this new “menu”. I would like to know what “Genius” thougt up this mess! I want it removed from my TV screen

  9. This feature is useless. I came home from work today to see my son playing these 1980’s version of shitty video games with this new ‘feature’..what crap! Is Rogers going to reimburse me when these images get burned into my screen when silly teens spend hours with these useless games? I doubt it. I’m sick and tired of paying more & more $$ to this company for crappier services. When I called Rogers to ask how to disable this feature, I was told that it can’t be disabled & I should check their website for more info….thanks Rogers! If it can’t be disabled, I will be going back to satellite. The Rogers agent nicely told me on the phone that this feature was added because a lot of their subscribers had ‘difficulty’ navigating the previous guide. What kind of RETARD couldn’t navigate that?? Maybe they shouldn’t be operating a remote control at all! ROGERS TV…..YOU SUCK!

  10. Just called Rogers support, who tell me the new ‘Quick Start’ promotional screen is not optional. Rogers ability to piss off customers is unparalleled – in both cable and wireless, features and policies are defined to extract the absolute maximum from my wallet, with zero concern for my satisfaction. I can’t wait for WIND and Over-The-Air Digital Broadcast. Maybe I won’t wait.

  11. Every time I turn on a TV with this new STUPID menu I get more and more pissed off! They really are idiots at Rogers, I think they must have meetings to figure out how to piss off their subscribers because they are continually doing it. My Rogers service is so bad that when I would press the Guide button it has a huge delay on it, so much so that I press it again and again, and then finally it kicks in and appears, now this additional requirement makes it even worse. I’ll give them as long as I can stand it and then I’m switching back to basic cable or to satellite. Another screw-up by Rogers!!!!

  12. What a stupid feature and I can’t turn it off. Every single tool is just a copy of something I already had access to. Except for those games – they are horrible.

  13. This new rogers quick search is a piece of junk. 99% of users know how to navigate the Rogers digital receiver. For the 1% of users who can’t figure out how to find a tv channel.. Rogers should have A) make a search button on the controller, B) press guide once and you get the guide, press it twice and you get the search…. not the other way around. C) create a way to disable the search

    It’s so simple Rogers, you must have tested this crap before making it standard on everyone’s TV.

  14. I called, they said it wasn’t possible to remove it, was put through to tech support, then the call was disconnected.
    I called back, downgraded from VIP Digital Movies Plus ($106.41) to VIP for @ $60 per month. Told them when they get rid of the quick start menu we’ll upgrade the package again.

  15. great news. the quick start guide has been removed off the digital boxes in my house!


  16. Thank you rogers for saving me $60 per month i took back my HD PVR and down graded my services to basic cable plus last week. Your attempt to insult my intelligence with a marketing screen and call it an “enhancement” makes me wonder how you can run a publicly traded company. Since I am not on a contract with my wireless phone ,I am moving that to another carrier (I needed a new phone anyway )That is $80 per month going to another company and guess what ? My Girlfriends cell phone contract ends next week and she is really looking forward to moving that as well. You see she also had a cable TV package and wireless relationship. Yes I used the word “had”. Oh and my parents , my dad couldn’t be bothered so I got on the self service web site for him and he really won’t miss the 100 extra channels he didn’t watch or want but he is happy saving all those monthly charges. Your new “Quick Start Menu” was really quick to cost you $$$$ in monthly payments.

  17. Sickofthisshitrogers Says:

    FUCK YOU ROGERS!!!!!!! You are fucking total shit and you new “quick” start bullshit fucking sucks donkey dick. Next thing you know, you’ll be trying to put advertisements into our phone lines before we can make a call. You fucking douche bags! Rot in Hell corporate fucks!

  18. I hate the quick start menu as well.

    I don’t get the menu though on my big screen on which we watch 95% of TV, but my small bedroom TV has the menu…not complaining about that at all and don’t intend to!


  20. What happened to good ol’ tar and feathering? Whoever made the decision to force this feature down our throat needs to be driven out of town in this manner. What utter complete garbage Roger’s is pushing on us. I’m going to look at switching to ExpressVu now. Their menu doesn’t suck.

  21. i dont see whats wrong with quick start i just hope they change the games once in a while

  22. I HATE ROGERS Says:

    Even though this bullshit should have never been forced on us… at least now there’s finally some way to avoid this egregious ‘feature’…

    If you want to see your Guide when you press the Guide button:

    1. On remote, click the guide button
    2. Select “Self-Service”
    3. Click “Change GUIDE Order” option
    4. Select “TV Listings first.” (Your option appears in red)
    5. Repeat for each digital box in your home.

    Unfortunately this is the only ‘solution’ the morons at Rogers could come up with to ‘fix’ this bullshit. Rot in hell assholes!

    • That will work to some extent, but here’s a way to avoid it completely.

      When you hit the guide button (with the steps from ‘I HATE ROGERS’), you just remember what channel you’re on. Then, you can browse the guide, and if you find something, you can choose it, or to get back to the screen you were on, just type in the channel of it, and then instead of hitting the guide button or the exit button the exit, just select the channel by pressing select.

      Yes it sounds hard, but even with it, you don’t have to see it! And I still think that they just added onto the problem instead of fixing it.

      And for those wondering, we had to change cable boxes because ours went nuts, and now it’s back, but not if I can help it!

  23. I wrote how to get rid of this study thing in this post:

  24. 2 new features to qsm GET more tv (channels in green ordered through tv) (in white you already subscribed and watch it now) in grey means subscribe to it at or 1-888-764-3771 and what’s new see everything that’s new

  25. Electrician Campbelltown…

    […]Rogers Introducing “Quick Start Menu” For Digital Cable Customers « The IT Nerd[…]…

  26. Michael Koster Says:

    Got the new guide.Dumped all my Rogers stock as a result..

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