Wind Mobile Launches…. Perhaps Not The Game Changer We’re Looking For…

For those of you waiting for Wind Mobile to go live, wait no longer. They’re live as of today and if you check out their website, they have all the details online finally. You can check their plan pricing here and it is very compelling. Their cheapest plan is $15 a month. Their most expensive plan is $45 a month and it gives you unlimited talk, text and voice mail according to them. It also gives you caller ID too. There’s some other features such as:

  • no contracts on any services
  • no system access fees
  • no fees for enhanced 911 services
  • no charge for incoming long distance
  • no penalties for changing or cancelling a plan
  • unlimited calling to another Wind Mobile customer across Canada

That will get the attention of Rogers, Bell, and Telus. What got my attention is the network coverage. They’re only live in Calgary and Toronto at the moment and their coverage doesn’t match the big three. I guess that as long as you stay in what they call their “home zone” you’re fine. Which means that Wind is going to be the choice for teenagers, and people who are only going between home and work within one of Wind’s  “home zones.” For someone like me who travels a fair bit all over the place, that’s a negative. Then there’s their phone selection. They have the requisite BlackBerry (a 9700 model), a couple other smart phones (one by HTC), a data stick, and a basic phone from Samsung. Not a huge selection, but I remember that Fido (before they were purchased by Rogers) didn’t have the biggest selection either when they first launched. So that shouldn’t bother you in the least.

Wind plans to be in other cities across Canada in 2010 so perhaps their coverage will expand at that time. When their network footprint does approach the size of the big three, they may pose a serious threat to them. That of course assumes the pricing stays the same. Until then, Wind Mobile’s ability to be a game changer is going to be somewhat limited I would suspect.

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