Another Reason To Back Up Your Notebook: Israeli Security Pump MacBook Full Of Lead

Right up front, I want to state that any comments that you leave regarding this story should be civil and thoughtful as I do NOT want this to turn into a “Bash Israel” circus. Are we clear on that? Good.

I know Israel is a place that has its challenges, and since I come from a place (England) that has had its brushes with terrorism I get the need for their security forces to be careful. But when I heard this story, I have to wonder if things were taken a bit too far. A woman goes to Israel to meet some friends, see the sights, and do everything a tourist would do. She comes across some security officers who ask her a bunch of questions. They didn’t like some of her answers and here’s what happened next in her own words:

Then they asked me to wait. Since they had asked for friends and families phone numbers I assumed they might be calling to verify my answers to questions or confirm I really had extended family in Tel Aviv.  An announcement played over the sound system, interrupting my break in the sunshine. First in Hebrew, then Arabic, then in English. It was something along the lines of, ” do not to be alarmed by gunshots because the Israeli security needs to blow up suspicious passanger luggage.”

I went inside to check on my bag. I had left it unattended, where they instructed. It was still there so I went back outside.

Moments later a man came outside and introduced himself as the manager on duty. And then, “I’m sorry but we had to blow up your laptop. “

Actually, they shot it up. Just take a look at the pictures. This seems a bit extreme to me. But I guess that given the situation that Israeli citizens live in, I guess that’s okay as it is better for security forces to assume the worst to protect citizens of the country. Although like I said, it seems a tad bit extreme to me. After all, wouldn’t a powering up of the laptop be a better option?

So, what are the take home messages:

  1. Back up your data. Here’s a couple of articles on how to do so.
  2. Always be co-operative with security people. Here’s an article that I wrote on how to deal with US Customs. This may help in other places as well.

Oh in case you’re wondering, the lady who had her laptop shot to pieces is promised compensation. I hope she gets it.

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