Newsweek Says That Microsoft Will Dump Ballmer…. Huh?

Newseek has an interesting article have the “Top 10” Tech Predictions of 2010. Number 9 is an interesting one. That one has Microsoft chair thrower CEO Steve Ballmer kicked to the curb in 2010. Why? Here’s some reasons that they cite:

Microsoft stock has dropped by nearly 50 percent on his watch, lagging not just other tech companies but even the Dow Jones industrial average. Distracted by the Windows Vista fiasco, Ballmer has missed every big new tech market of the past decade. Google won the race for Internet search and keyword advertising. Apple won in MP3 players and online music sales, and now holds the high ground in mobile phones, while Windows Mobile fades away. Microsoft’s Zune music player is a dud. Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, will never catch Google. Ballmer is said to be a brilliant guy, but he got a black eye for the way he blundered and blustered and finally botched an attempted acquisition of Yahoo.

Yeah, that’s a rather long list, and any one of those things would normally get any other CEO punted very quickly. Perhaps his love of throwing chairs is keeping him in power? In any case, I for one would love to have him stick around. After all if he goes, whom would I make fun of?

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