Psystar May Still Be Alive… Damn…

Just when you thought that this Psystar mess was over and done with, comes this. The Dow Jones has a report that says they are shutting down “immediately:”

The Doral, Fla.-based computer maker, which made machines that run Apple’s popular Macintosh operating system, intends to fire its eight employees, company attorney Eugene Action told Dow Jones Newswires on Thursday.

Psystar President Rudy Pedraza will then be “shutting things down immediately, ” Action said. “They will not be in business.”

Okay. But check out this picture from their website:

It looks like they’re still in business selling the Rebel EFI tool that helps you to install OS X on to PCs. It’s currently out of stock, but one has to wonder how long that will last. I was under the impression that they were banned from providing any tools that helped people to install OS X? In any case, the fact that they might still have a pulse seems to be confirmed by Computerworld:

“Regrettably, Mr. Action was misquoted in an early story that seems to have been picked up elsewhere. Psystar does not intend to shut down permanently.”

Oh, there’s more:

Psystar has several legal moves left to make, Camara said today. “Psystar will proceed to litigate the legality of Rebel EFI through the motion process described in Judge Alsup’s order,” [K.A.D.] Camara [of the Houston, Texas law firm Camara & Sibley LLP.] said. “Psystar will also proceed with its antitrust case in Miami.”

Not that I’m shocked by that, but one has to wonder who’s going to pay for that. It’s not as if they’ve got cash lying around.

Why can’t they just die and be done with it?

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