Nokia Goes All In With It’s Patent Fight Against Apple [UPDATE]

The stakes have really been jacked up in this patent fight between Apple and Nokia. But let’s recap what’s happened so far.

You’ll recall that Nokia claimed that Apple was infringing on some GSM related patents, and Apple responded by countersuing them saying that Nokia was doing some patent infringement of their own. And if that wasn’t enough, Nokia then slapped Apple with a complaint that claims that almost everything that Apple makes infringes on a Nokia patent.

That’s a lot of action. But now we have some new fun. According to those fine boys over at Engadget, Nokia wants to ban Apple products from being imported from the United States to pretty much anywhere on planet Earth:

The biggest bombshell so far is the ITC complaint, in which Nokia’s asking the commission to ban imports of basically every Apple mobile product from the MacBook to the iPhone for infringing its device patents — a strategy we’ve seen in other high-profile cases. Since the ITC has the ability to move quite quickly, we’d expect that case to be the primary battleground for the moment — but remember that Apple has plenty of its own incredibly broad patents of its own to fight back with here, so don’t expect a quick resolution.

That’s not a minor charge. I suspect that “The Steve” is getting the iLawyers ready for battle. When they hit the courtroom, you can expect this to be an all out war with no prisoners being taken.

UPDATE: The complaint is to keep Apple from importing stuff into the USA.

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