Hey IT Nerd. Why Aren’t You Posting About The Apple Tablet?

The above title has been showing up in my e-mail inbox lately. Why am I the only tech blog on the planet that isn’t talking about the Apple tablet that is allegedly due to appear on Earth in the near future? The reason is simple: There’s a ton of coverage pretty much everywhere else about this subject. So I figured why add to something that is beyond overhyped?

But since so many of you asked about this topic, here is my one and only comment about the Apple tablet….. Until it is officially released that is.

First question: Does it exist? The answer is yes. Valleywag offered a bounty yesterday for any definite info on the tablet. The iLawyers promptly sent Valleywag a C & D to have them stop the bounty. Anytime the iLawyers send a C & D to stop somebody from talking about a product that is the subject of rumor, it all but confirms that the product actually exists.

Second question: What will it look like? No clue. The most consistent rumors seem to indicate that the tablet will basically be a 10.1″ iPod Touch on steroids. Anything beyond that is pure speculation.

Third question: Will it be called the iSlate? Possibly. There is evidence that Apple has registered the iSlate domain as well as trademarking it along with the term “Magic Slate”. However, Apple has also trademarked iGuide too. So who knows what all of that could refer to.

So that’s my one and only comment on the Apple Tablet. Unless there’s something Earth shattering between now and January 26th when the tablet is allegedly being released. Which I don’t expect.

See you on the 26th.

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