Rogers Home Phone Trial: Part 3 – Call Quality, Pricing, And A Suprise From Bell [UPDATED]

We’ve been using Rogers Home Phone since Saturday and we have something interesting to report. My wife called a friend in Virgina and found that the quality of the long distance call was better than Bell by a huge degree. Long distance call quality was an issue with Bell that we just lived with. But after hearing the difference with Rogers Home Phone, it’s made us think twice. We’ll be making a couple more long distance calls to see if the call quality is consistently good.

Now for the number one thing that I’m sure that you’re interested in. What does Rogers Home Phone cost in comparison to Bell? Here’s what we pay with Bell and what we get for our money:

  • Home Phone Basic Package with visual call waiting and $0.25 a min long distance, and call display
  • Non – Published Listing Service
  • 911 Emergency Service
  • Touch Tone Service

Total Price: $37.94 a month

To get this price, we had to agree to a 24 month contract, so we could actually be paying more (about $2 more a month from what I can tell from Bell’s website). Charming. I tried to match what we have with Bell to what Rogers offers. Here’s the best that I could come up with:

  • Classic Value Plan with 500 North American long distance minutes
  • Call Display
  • Call Waiting

Total Price: $24.95 a month

I couldn’t find any mention of having an unlisted number as an option on Perhaps Rogers could let me know if that is an option as my wife and I like having an unlisted number. Also, I’m sure that Rogers charges for 911 service as well (as they do that with cell phones). But even factoring those two items in, the spread between Bell and Rogers is simply stark, plus you get very cheap long distance tossed in. It makes for a compelling offering. Factor in the the call quality and you really have a compelling offering.

Finally, we got a surprise when we got our latest Bell bill. We got a $1.90 credit for a “service outage” which relates to this circus. How nice of them. But it still doesn’t take away the bad taste in my mouth form that negative customer service experience.

More as it comes…

UPDATE: Miranda from Rogers added a comment below to comment on having an unpublished number among other things.

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  1. Hi,

    This is Miranda from Rogers.

    To clarify, the Classic Value Plan allows you to select two Rogers Home Phone features from the list here:

    There is an additional cost per month if a customer wants to add additional features.

    Adding the Unlisted Number feature costs an additional $2/month.

    I would recommend that customers call Care to discuss their Home Phone options though as the price per feature varies.


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