Is The Rogers Quick Start Guide Being Yanked? [UPDATED]

I’ve got two reports that the Rogers Quick Start Guide that has received almost universal scorn from Rogers customers (along with a not too positive review from yours truly) may be on the way out the door. Here are the reports that I received:

“They got rid of it in my area, Bowmanville, which is right outside Oshawa, which is an hour from Toronto.”

“Well, it is gone for me. Here is a video I made as fast as I could. No editing, just filmed and straight upload to YouTube:”

I am in the midst of getting a comment from Rogers on this to see if it’s true or not. But in the meantime if you’ve seen your Quick Start Guide yanked from your Rogers terminal, please leave me a comment and let me know.

UPDATE: Rogers left a comment. It appears to be some sort of bug.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m with Rogers and wanted to let you know that we’re currently investigating this issue. In the meantime, rebooting the digital TV terminal should restore the Quick Start Menu.

    The easiest way to reboot is to unplug the terminal, wait about 10 seconds and plug back in again.


  2. Miranda, if it is a bug, then how do I get it?

    Why would you ever want to reset your terminal when the bug brings back the better way?

  3. The quickstart guide in gone for me as well, as of today.

    I am in London Ontario, and the guide has only been up for about 2 weeks here.

    I also thought it was thoroughly useless.

  4. Join the Facebook grouop and make your voices heard:
    “I hate Rogers’ Quickstart menu”!/group.php?gid=308981137851&ref=nf

  5. Instead of spending all that time on a menu no one wants, why not work on upgrading the font of the ipg itself. Maybe different colours for sports, news,movies etc. Both Cogeco & Bell have far superior guide systems then Rogers. RC says they’re moving towards all digital & yet they’re still using a system that’s a joke, compared to their competition. When I heard about a new & better guide coming in Jan. ‘ 10 that’s what I thought they meant. So far the only thing I can find remotely useful is the instant weather reports & we have ch. 23-24 for that. If Rogers wants to step it up, a new, modern, updated Tv Guide system is what they should be working on, not a quick start menu that takes twice as long to figure out.


    THis is a picture of an option i had on my rogers box that wasn’t usable but was still there. The option supposedly lets a customer change the order of the “quick start guide” however when I attemepted to click it nothing happened. I phoned Rogers and asked about the option and the agent didn’t know what I was talking about until she talked to someone else. Her solution to my problem was to restart the box so I wouldn’t see the option to get rid of the quickstart menu. Rogers solution to the problem was eliminate the solution.

  7. Just got my “quick start guide” yanked in Etobicoke

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