Canadian Throne Speech Promises Open Door To Canadian Telecom Industry…. Wow!

Today marked the latest throne speech of the Canadian parliament that has Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. I’ll let you read the highlights here and skip the politics, and get to a piece of interesting info:

“In a major economic policy move, the government also announced that to help Canada develop a modern, competitive economy it will open the door to more foreign investment in the satellite and telecommunications industries. And it will ease regulations barring foreign investment in Canada’s uranium mining industry.”

Note the part about the “telecommunications industries.” Imagine for a second that you’re Telus, Rogers, or Bell. That statement despite the fact that there’s nothing much behind that must just freak you out due to the fact that the closed market that you’ve been enjoying might get opened up to the T-Mobile’s and Vodafone’s of the universe. There’s no way Rogers, Telus, or Bell could ever compete straight up with any one of those guys. Here’s another scenario, foreign companies invest into existing telcos such as Wind Mobile. The incumbents would be screwed there as well. Either way, the big winners would likely be the Canadian consumer who has been starving for competition in the Canadian telecommunications market. I don’t often give Harper and his Conservative party props, but if he actually “walks the walk” when it comes to this part of the throne speech, I will applaud him. I suspect that may other Canadians would as well.

Let’s see if he actually keeps his word.

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  1. I am sure there would be, or at least SHOULD be, rules on this ownership. Things like an extreme majority of the workers need to be here, no off shoring.

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