Rogers Adresses Quick Start Menu Complaints

If you’re a Rogers Digital TV customer who hated the new Quick Start Menu (click here and here to see what sort of static that it created), I have good news for you. Rogers has listened to your concerns just like they said they would:

In January, we introduced the Quick Start menu for our Digital Cable subscribers in Ontario. Our goal was to provide an easier way for you to navigate programming, such as On Demand channels and those in free preview. We also added some cool new features, including TV mix channels, local weather and games.

We thought you’d love it. And while many do, some of you told us you didn’t like having to press “guide” twice to get to TV listings. We appreciate your feedback; we listened and we acted.

The above post tells you how to change the guide so that you can see the TV listings first. I just did it and it was dead easy. The feedback to this move seems to be positive for the most part. What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.

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